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If you’re not familiar with who I am and what I do (and have done during my 20 years presence on the Internet), here’s a quick recap.

Yours truly and Lovec on Midsummer Eve, June 20, 2014.

Yours truly and Lovec on Midsummer Eve, June 20, 2014.

I was born in April, 1974, to the sound of Abba’s song Waterloo. I grew up on the countryside – on a big farm with two living areas, a large stable and several machine parks. During my childhood we had sheep (several hundreds), horses, pigs, chickens and of course a lot of cats and dogs. We had a Finnish Spitz and a Border Collie when I was very young. At the age of 5 I developed serious allergies and asthma and I was very close to dying several times. Most of the allergies disappeared when I hit puberty at 11 years old. The time between the age of 5 and 11 are a blur and I don’t remember much – only some fragments.
While we lived in one of the houses, my grandparents (mother’s side) lived in the other. They had two Border Collies (and two dachshunds when I was very young – still remember them).
In the mid-nineties my mother got together with her current husband and we adopted a big German Shepard crossbreed. At this time, when I was 18, I moved to Linköping and started a software company with three other friends. I still visited a lot and I really loved that crossbreed!
In 1995 I started to write training- and nutrition related articles for Bigboys – a huge Internet training community. In 1996 Bigboys closed down and I started Iron Magazine LLC with two Canadian friends. That was the start of my career as a writer, trainer, strength coach, body transformation specialist and sports supplement developer. In the years to come I worked with a lot of different companies, I ran three different magazines and I established myself as one of the leading authorities in the fitness, health and gym business. Training and nutrition was not only my job after 2001, it was my biggest hobby since 1987. Another interest was to take care of temporarily homeless dogs and helping with troubled dogs.

To be continued…