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The Rebirth of The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Blog

Joachim and Lovec

Joachim and Lovec

This website started as a little blog about Joachim’s Czechoslovakian Wolfdog pup Lovec – with the main objective to inform, answer questions, and raise awareness about the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed and wolf dogs in general. As time went on, other projects got in the way and Joachim was also forced into a long-term sick leave due to tumors with an unidentifiable mass and some health complications. While still in recovery, this website is back as a collaboration between Joachim and Isabella.
Their mission is to inform and educate the public about dog behavior, correcting common misinformation and media indoctrination, while also providing guides and tips to activities, socialization and training.

Our first articles will be online in mid-May and will deal with media propaganda regarding breeds and dog aggression – and how you as a dog owner can deal with aggressive and misbehaving dogs.

Isabella, our dogs and some day-care dogs

Isabella on our dog hiking adventures


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